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01 August 2007 @ 07:49 pm
Episode 6  
First sorry for the lack of updates ... I went back to school this summer and suddenly had no time (go figure). Hopefully things can get back to more regular updates now that I'm just about done. And now on to the boys!

Jensen had been flipping through websites at an alarming rate, even going back to some he'd already visited - just trying to find something to keep himself occupied. Though, it wasn't going that well. He didn't want to distract Jared too much - he was working on a research paper that was due tomorrow, but he couldn't seem to help himself.

After he'd reloaded the same page for the 5th time just for an update (which never came) he clicked on Jared's name, to send him a message.

Sometimes it was just too easy to get Jared worked up, just the right turn of phrase could put that look in his eyes that made Jensen want to push him against a wall and kiss him senseless, of course a different turn of phrase could have the normally even-tempered Jared frowning and swearing at the drop of a hat. Jensen rather liked that he'd learned how to push Jared's buttons so easily over the time they'd known each other.

It was a wonder Jared ever got anything done on time for class. He always waited until the very last possible minute before he did his work. It irked Jensen sometimes that Jared would get such high marks on his papers too, when he knew Jared had just cranked it out the night before on no sleep - while he had to write his papers at least a week in advance so he could have time to edit and make changes before he turned it in.

Jensen shook his head and laughed. Jared always was too easily distracted by sex. Even the simplest touch could could be turned into something sexual if Jared thought hard enough - and he usually did.

Jensen didn't need to be asked twice, he just liked to tease Jared a bit. Though he was sure Jared knew he'd come over anyway. Jensen shut his laptop, slipped on his shoes, and grabbed his keys and was out the door in under 2 minutes.

He trotted to Jared's dorm, the air cool against his cheeks. He ran past small groups of students loitering outside the block of dorm buildings as he went, and then finally made it to Jared's building. He strode inside and took the stairs rather than the elevator. A few minutes later he was knocking at Jared's door, his cheeks a bit flushed from the trip over and breathing just a bit quicker than usual.

He gave Jared a smirk though when he opened the door and stepped inside, not waiting for an invitation. He shut the door behind him and pulled Jared towards him and pressed his back against the door, and pressed his lips against his. He didn't bother with greetings or anything past his initial smirk, they both knew why Jared had asked him over and he aimed to please.

Jared moaned against his lips, as Jensen kissed him soundly. A hand at the back of his neck to pull him down so Jensen wouldn't have to stand on his tip toes to reach him. Jensen thrust his tongue forward and into the warmth of Jared's mouth, scooping up each whimper and moan Jared made. As they kissed Jensen's free hand was busy at work, fumbling with the buttons of Jared's shirt and then the zip of his jeans.

Eventually Jared managed to pull away from Jensen. "Fuck ... you're killing me." He thrust his hips against Jensen's hand as he pushed it down the front of his pants.

"Thought this is what you wanted," Jensen growled against Jared's neck as he attacked the smooth exposed skin their, biting and licking, worrying the skin between his teeth wanting to mark Jared.

"Yeah ... but-" He never did get the chance to finish what he was saying, when Jensen knelt in front of him and pulled down his jeans quickly, wrapping a hand around his dick. All ability to speak was lost as Jensen started stroking him; he pulled his fist up and down twisting at the tip and swiping his tongue over the head to smear around the precome there.

Jared slipped his hands into Jensen's hair and gripped him gently at first, pulling him closer to his throbbing cock. "God please..." He panted. He could feel Jensen's warm breath on his heated skin, could practically feel that hot mouth wrapped around his dick. He thrust his hips forward, the head of his cock pressing against Jensen's cheek smearing come across his face.

Jensen looked up at Jared and smirked before he parted his lips enough to push out his tongue. He swiped his tongue over the head of Jared's cock, circling the head and flicking back and forth over the tip. Jared gripped his hair tighter starting to guide his movements now, almost desperate to thrust forward into Jensen's mouth.

Jensen finally relented and parted his lips further to take Jared into his mouth. He moaned, letting Jared take control thrusting forward into his mouth as quickly as he could. Jensen was used to this by now, when Jared got it in his head that he need Jensen like this he couldn't help but take control. Jensen had learned to just go with it.

Jared gripped his hair tight as he thrust his hips forward again and again. Jensen sucked him deeply, darting his tongue this way and that, as Jared's cock pushed in and out of his mouth.

"Ah fuck ... gonna fill that hot mouth." Jared spoke to no one in particular. Jensen just grinned as best he could around his cock and sucked him harder. He'd learned long before then it was best not to try and respond when Jared start talking like this - he didn't have a clue what he was saying half the time. "Nnn yeah, just like that." It amused Jensen though, since it always seemed to make perfect sense.

Jared was getting close, Jensen could tell. He was breathing harder, and his grip on his hair was downright painful now. He moaned around Jared's cock silently urging him to come. His tongue sliding back and forth over the under side of his cock, sucking deep when he pushed into his throat again and again.

"God yeah ... fuck yeah ... gonna-" Jared went silent as he started to come, he thrust one last time deep into Jensen's mouth and held himself there as he shot into his mouth and down his throat. Jensen moaned swallowing again and again as Jared filled his mouth.

When he finished, Jared went limp against the door and relinquished his grip on Jensen's hair. Jensen still sucked Jared slowly as he pulled back until he slipped from his mouth. A moment later he was kissing Jared again, the heat and urgency from earlier replaced with a sated enjoyment. "Hi." He wore his familiar lopsided grin when he pulled back.

Jared groaned, and pushed himself off the door. "Hi yourself, fuck I needed that."

Jensen just shook his head and came into the room, flopping down on Jared's bed.

"What are you doing?"

"What's it look like?"

"Like you're laying in my bed."

"Very nice use of context clues."

"Aren't you leaving?"

"You wish."

"I have to write my paper."

"Yeah I know," Sometimes, Jared's obliviousness made Jensen grin.

"So what are you doing?"

"No, I'm going to stay right here until you finish." He paused for a moment, looking for that moment of comprehension on Jared's face. "And when you're done, you're gonna take care of me." He smirked and arched an eyebrow at Jared.

Jared looked more than a little confused for a moment, but soon understood. He grinned and nodded. Jensen shook his head again, and snuggled into Jared's over-sized bed and pulled a blanket over himself. "Now you get to work, and I'll be waiting."
timdvosk on August 2nd, 2007 05:01 am (UTC)
That was great, I really loved the instant messages. Great Episode, I can't wait for more.
She's away with the pixies: Yes! John Simmawaywithpixie on August 2nd, 2007 09:39 am (UTC)

Loffed it. I really did. Worth writing that instead of your homework!